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Parse Error for Serious Sam FE

Parse Error for Serious Sam SE

Doppelganger for Doom 3

Serious Sam 2 Dedicated Server Utility

InSamnity! 2 Dedicated Server Utility

 About PEFE

One of these day's I'll put something real here, but until then here is a little about the Mod:

Parse Error is about taking one of the Greatest Games in the World, Serious Sam, and taking it to the most insane level possible. More Enemies, faster gameplay, stronger weapons, and tons more game options.

Beyond that though, I wanted to keep Coop as playable as possible while doing all this. That is what this Mod is really about, The Ultimate Coop version of Serious Sam.

 Latest Version

2.0 Final

2.0 Final Full: DOWNLOAD

 Older Versions


1.0 Full: DOWNLOAD



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